The Untold Vow

An anecdote that unveils how life suddenly takes a toll when innocence shakes hands with heinous vows.
“M-O-M-M-M-M”, the eight year old Kiera yelled in excitement. “What should I wear for our family meet? Should I wear that yellow skirt that dad gifted me last week or should I wear the long floral dress that you absolutely love?”.
“Anything you like Kiera, just be ready really quick. We have to leave in another ten minutes”, responded Kate – Kiera’s mom.
“Okay, I’ll wear the dress then. Grandpa says I look like a fairy in it.”
It was yet again that time of the year when Kiera’s family gathered to visit her grandparents for the annual meet. After finally getting ready, Kiera got in the car with her parents and they all drove through the stifling, crammed woods, until the family finally arrived at their destination. While parking the car, Chuck – Kiera’s father realized that the back tire got stuck in the mud. While Chuck and Kate were hustling to free their vehicle, their cheery daughter ran to greet her grandparents.
Huffing and puffing, Kiera reached the bottommost crypt where she hastily placed the orchids and muffins.
Kneeling down in front of their tomb she said “I miss you, Grandma-Grandpa. I remember my vow grandpa, and your fairy will grant your wish on your first death anniversary and come flying towards you in no less than a microtime, just like the way you had asked, but in the meantime, you keep your promise and don’t ever tell mom that I broke her favorite vase, okay?”.
Smirking, Kiera watched her parents for one final time from afar, and then pulled out her Grandpa’s dagger from her floral dress pocket.

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    1. This means so much! Thank you for appreciating my content. 🙂


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