Who doesn’t like fashion in today’s world? To be well dressed and presentable on even a random day is an urge that every girl (even a boy!) lusts for. What stops you to follow the fad then? Is it your weight? your height? Body type? Do you really think every second person standing in a crowd of four has a Victoria Secret’s model body type and figure to flaunt? No! Do you think that stops them from following fashion in any way? Clearly, a big N-O!

In a glamorous world that is so self-conscious about its looks and how they are quoted behind their back – fashion is as important as any other issue or concern of the sphere. In fact, for instance one might not have anything to comment on matters worrying politics and economics, but the same set of crowd will cast their expert theorems on matters concerning fashion and similar – Why? Because, fashion is the need of today’s world. It’s hard to lag behind or not bother at all when it comes to physical appearance and following fashion; Kudos to those who have the will power to do so.

I guess in today’s life, fashion is going so tremendously dramatic that almost anything is termed under its usage! It’s inevitably hard to be ‘out of style’ in the race of fashion where every other individual seems to be making their own personalized in-vogue statements, only to learn that others are doing the same. Fashion is nothing but merely mixing few bizarre things with matching confidence and zeal. There are fashion shows where we see models walking on the ramp wearing atrocious garbs – calling them outfits! Well, of course we feel the urge to laugh at their face but instead we applaud and mirror the same, neglecting how we’ll look in it ; thinking it’ll be senseless to criticize a famous designer and his designs, as he/she is the ultimate king/queen of the fashion-cosmos.

If you are not a person who ponders about fashion very much, then following the channel can be a bit challenging. Many people do not even know where to start from – you have to brainstorm a lot when it comes to fashion and trends. There are so many fads that made a comeback, be it the 90’s Choker necklace with tousled hair and berry lips or the flannel shirt, and denim jackets with crop tops – you name it and people are already experimenting with it. In my take, I absolutely admire all the fashion era’s of the past and hate to see them be bygones!

In this context it’s essential to mention that the ‘trend’ is not what it used to be. Many savvy buyers now ensue their own fashion rules inspired by what they see on the internet, fashion-animated streets and television shows (which has currently become a key channel for all fashion lovers) by flashing how much they care about what society follows. Fashion thence plays a vital role in exhibiting a person before others, which I feel shouldn’t be done till one feels comfortable with it. If you aren’t satisfied with a particular fashion sense then what is the necessity of following it in the first place?

It radically reflects a generic desire in men and women to have an edge over others – the desire to alter and come out as better from them. When Adam and Eve came into being, they were nude. The first fashion statement they made was to dress in a fig leaf. That was the initial revolutionary step towards fashion. Thenceforth, there was no stopping. Fashion since then has moved in circles. Being inclusive, fashion has its own charm alluring people to implement it as a way of putting up with the monotony of life.

There was a time when this whole concept was followed only by the affluent class of people on certain occasions. But now the times have changed, now, class doesn’t matter in any way on the trail to becoming fashionable. In fact, every second person is fashionable these days. We can hardly see anyone on the streets who isn’t fashion conscious. It’s contagious because people get influenced by those who already are fashion-freaks. Being fashion conscious not only makes you popular among your group but also boosts your confidence level. It is the focal point for today’s teenagers. In fact, fashion reflects best in the younger lot – chiefly school students who display fashion through the bags that they carry, the watches they wear and the way they carry themselves. Youngsters seem to be more fashionable than the adults now. In fact they can be good trendsetters themselves. There are many teens that conceive their own styles and aim at becoming an idol among their groups. Unlike earlier, the priority and taste of kids these days have changed. Most of them even desire to be a part of the glamour world once they grow up.

The more people follow the trend of fashion, the more self-conscious they become, seeing themselves as obese or underweight is the biggest nightmare of their lives. The only notion centering their mind is what others think about them and how they can change their perception. No matter how genuine a person is from within, people spawn them from surface and pass opinions on how they appear. This has caused a stir in the society, people are so blindly drawn in the world of fashion that instead of commending the style followed by others, they pass harsh comments that are taken rather too vigorously by the recipient. Many teenagers in regard to this, have attempted suicides and gone into depression because of the inferiority complex that they have to incur for their looks and attire.

Reports conducted by the Journal of Adolescent Health stated that suicidal thoughts are found higher in young girls. The study’s lead author, Dong-Chul Seo, Ph.D., Associate Professor at the School of Public Health at Indiana University stated that, The study’s findings clearly indicate that overweight perception is an independent predictor for suicidal ideation, the same as depression.

Seo and his colleagues analyzed the responses of 6,504 middle school and high school students surveyed from 134 schools in 50 states between 1995 and 2008. Participants were asked if they had seriously thought about committing suicide during the past 12 months and how they perceived their body weight. Researchers found that suicidal thoughts were higher in those who thought they were overweight compared to those who didn’t see themselves as overweight (18 percent vs. 10.4 percent).

Fashion monopoly for that reason has completely traded the society into mere puppets! To be aware is appreciable, but not for the wrong reasons – be self-unconscious and audacious enough to follow an off-beat path if fashion doesn’t make you feel comfortable. There are people out there who are proud of who they are and how they look, be an Olga Sherer or Ashley Graham – recognize how stunning you are, and that no single soul can dim your shine!

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  1. Wow!! That is a rare one! You’ve beautifully portrayed all the insights. I completely agree with you that Fashion and Trends have really got hold of many people( especially youngsters!!) . It’s pretty necessary to spread the words.

    On a lighter note, the way you’ve related the ‘Victoria’s Secret’, its really hilarious☺☺👍

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    1. Ha-ha, Isn’t that the truth but? 😀
      Thanks for agreeing and appreciating the post 🙂

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      1. Yeah!! It really is☺👍

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  2. sudershana says:

    Well written ! You are right , fashion indeed become important for the university going students like us , haha ! 😃

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    1. Which is good, unless you let it take control of you completely! 😀

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  3. Shilpa Mary Cherian says:

    Very well written! A bit of Fashion sense indeed will make the person stand out.
    Apart from being overweight, what’s really blocking young females from following the trends they like? The society which judges the character of a female by measuring the length of her skirt!

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    1. I pity those who do so – its an unreasonable society, one that has a comment to pass on every single soul!

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      1. Shilpa Mary Cherian says:

        Very true!

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  4. Hi. I read your post on Fashion. You are right by saying that Fashion has made us all puppets. Everyone follows some fashion or the other.I am quite Fashionable myself. I love dressing up. And in my office, I am called as one of the best Dressers. My Friends tell me that whatever I wear, it suits me. I tell them that they also can look good. THE SUCCESS KEY OF FASHION IS “CONFIDENCE”. You must be able to “Carry Yourself”.
    Yes, but considering what rubbish these college kids wear, the girls are always trying to expose some part of their body to look Fashionable. Like the “Torn Jeans” Fashion, which I hate the most. Why the hell, do you have to wear torn beggarly jeans to look Fashionable ?

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    1. It always feels good to look good.. doesn’t it?
      Like you said, If only people had that confidence to carry themselves!
      There are so many trends going on that are sheer nonsense in literal terms, the torn jeans you mentioned is one among them. I guess fashion nowadays means less clothes and more body-show.. not realizing elegance best reflects through decent clothes! 🙂

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  5. cherylfoston says:

    Another great post! There is no originality in style anymore. I love seeing someone dressed like they did not take notes from some television show. Especially, younger people, they are not fully using their creativity.

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    1. Absolutely, its degrading day-by-day. Anyways, thanks for liking the post, really appreciate it! 🙂


  6. arv! says:

    I would like to express my opinion on this beautifully written post.

    1. It’s true that fashion industry has created certain image type and expectations at the same time, it’s important to be fit…not for fashion but for your own good being and to ward off the “lifestyle disease” that seem to be widening it’s net with rising affluence, little exercise and too much to eat. So be fit, for yourself..

    2. In India fashion for most people is wearing brands. People judge you for brands you wear rather than you sense of fashion or how you carry it off. This in my opinion is dangerous.People should use their “own” brains…the bottom line always is how you look how you carry yourself….brands or no brands!

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    1. Very true indeed, people blindly follow what others wear – as you mentioned, brands play a vital role in today’s times. People fear wearing anything other than brands, not realizing that branded clothes look good only if you carry it well, otherwise what’s the use? Neither will you feel good, nor will your purchase have the worth it should have. I’m glad you voiced your opinion on this topic! 🙂

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      1. arv! says:

        I get disappointed when people act like they are king because they wear brand. By merely spending money you don’t become a super star or model. Instead of borrowing attributes of a brand and expecting some rub-off gain, it’s much smarter to build your own persona, which is the only brand you should be working on. I just laugh when people pump up their chest and behave pricy and showing off labels they’re wearing! I think they need to grow up!

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    2. They really do!
      I guess they should realize why they own an individual name which defines them in public. With that individual name, they need to maintain how they carry themselves, which more or less correlates to fashion. If they can’t absorb such a simple fact then I guess they would never understand how amazing it feels to have your own identity!

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      1. arv! says:

        I guess we’re in agreement here. 🙂

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      2. Glad to hear the approval! 🙂

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  7. Interesting survey amidst!!

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  8. Idle Muser says:

    Hey girl! What a wonderful reflection of our society! Disappointing as it is, truth it holds.
    It’s been quite sometime that I crashed at your place and this post seemed right to begin with. 🙂 Though seeing the indolence of the place, I guess you yourself have been busy lately.
    Anyway, if asked, it breaks my heart to see the school-going children (girls) spending hours in getting ready with winged eyeliners, hairstyles, and what not, merely for school! Time when they must be worried about not being selected for school’s basketball team, or missing their favorite canteen’s meal, their days go by keeping themselves in the shed to avoid to get tan and savoring the not so oily food (I nowhere mean to lessen the value of healthy diet, but here, the idea doesn’t seem that tempting.)
    The survey you added in the post reflects of how much good fashion is delivering this era with.

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    1. Hi Aditi. Yes, it’s been a while since I posted – but I’m so glad to read your comment. How have you been? Hope you’re doing well! I do agree with your point on how conscious the younger generation, specially girls have become concerning their looks – we know better, don’t we!? It saddens my heart to see a reflection of that happening in the society- there is so much more insight to focus on – I really wish the tables turn for the best in near future!

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