Scintillating Memoirs embodies a compilation of compositions and illustrations categorized under four main sections (to convey things easily to YOU, and to make uploading hassle-free for ME!).

To start, the blog has a section named Doodle-ए-Art, which is a fusion of doodles, sketches,paintings and scribbles – which are usually brushed off by the masses. Not many know that like every individual’s thumbprint, his way of thinking is also a distinctive feature of his personality, this thinking is revealed subconsciously through a number of activities, one of them being doodling. This section will not only showcase how beautiful undefined-art can be, but also the way it relaxes your mind by giving you a temporary escape from the hustle-bustle linked with our daily chores. To add more to it, each individual piece of art included in this section is accompanied with a short self-written verse.

Second section labeled Compositions is a territory dealing with out-of-the box as well as random topics. The first subcategory under this section cited as Short Stories uses simple, casual language mingled with creative ideas and anecdotes. Second subcategory entitled Miscellaneous Articles include write-up’s tagged with creative writing – this section often deals with assorted issues that are normally relatable and empathetic in nature. 

Third, we have a very engrossing, thought-provoking fun category entitled Bric-a-Brac, aka Photographs. As the name suggests this section deals with a range of heterogeneous objects and trinklets in a rather unusual way – yes, you got it right! Instead of compositions, paragraphs, articles and what-not, this category will take you on a whimsical ride through an array of pictures interweaved with a short allegorical snippet or caption.

Last we present to you the no-nonsense austere tier, i.e., Research-based Articles – this section deals with articles and compositions involving an ample amount of probing, R & D, and delving into topics of bewitching backdrops. Covering content of minimum 800 words – the maximum limit here knows no bounds.

Engulfing a L-O-T  within itself, Scintillating Memoirs thus welcomes you to uncover a whole new sphere brimming with ingenious and crafty rides that’ll give you a guaranteed headrush (in a positive way indeed!).