The Plane Plight

“This is the final boarding call for passenger Joshua Evans booked on flight 152A to Batam. Please proceed to gate 1 immediately. The final checks are being completed and the captain will order for the doors of the aircraft to close in approximately five minutes. I repeat. This is the final boarding call for Joshua Evans. Thank you.”

Hearing the announcement, I daringly jumped from the top of the escalator and fortunately managed to land safe on the floor, I then hastily raced towards gate 1 and boarded my flight right two minutes before the door was about to close. While I thought it was a great deal to have arrived, I did manage to grab some not-so welcoming, stern looks by my fellow-passengers. Overpassing them, I settled on my appointed seat which was next to an elderly bald man who greeted me with a biting stare and then turned his head in the opposite direction. Somehow, I had sensed that my next four hours wouldn’t span in high spirits.

Wearing my headphones, I switched on my music, closed my eyes and turned myself off from my vicinity. After a few minutes, I felt asleep and woke up almost after an hour when the air-hostess was serving the meal. After thoroughly stuffing my stomach with some appetizing Chicken Caesar salad and Vanilla ice-cream, I noted a woman gazing at me. At first I thought I was mistaken, maybe she was turning back to look at someone else, maybe she wanted to call out for the air-hostess, but then, I noticed that she was actually staring me.

Feeling a bit awkward, I stood up and walked towards the lavatory. Right when I came out, I saw the same woman approaching my direction. Promptly, I moved to the side to give her space but she rather chose to stop right in front of my face to deliver a wicked smile. Before I could acknowledge the move, she said, “What hard luck that despite the hindrances you finally did board this flight. You know, you should’ve just missed it!”.

Not making sense of what she said, I ignored the whole scene and went to my seat where after a lot of rummage, I managed to get my hands on a sports magazine when an announcement wrecked my attention.

“Ladies and gentlemen, the Captain has turned on the fasten seat belt sign. We are now crossing a zone of turbulence. Please return to your seats and keep your seat belts fastened. Thank you.”

Not locating the lady on her seat, I looked back to check upon her but within a few seconds, the plane started shaking like a jelly. Panicking and fretting, I fastened my seat belt as I could feel the plane piercing though the clouds,winging downhill. Hearing nothing but shrieks all around, I close my eyes tightly to pray that everything stays under control when I sensed someone shaking my hand vigorously. I meekly opened my eyes and tried to connect to a voice that kept echoing “Wake up darling. Wake up! Everything’s okay. Its just a bad dream. Calm down.”

I instantly got up and hugged my mom while I recollected my dream. I was terrified and shook from within. I had retained even the tiniest detail of it and was feeling so restless when mom assuringly said, “Everything is okay TREVOR. Mom is with you, everything is good. Now we will have our breakfast and get dressed for school. Okay, baby?”

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  1. That’s a terrifying nightmare. I would never fly again! You did a great job hooking me. I’m glad it was just a dream.

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    1. Haha, sorry for frightening you, but yes, it was just a dream. Don’t let it scare you and stop you from flying!

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      1. I’m flying on Tuesday! Ha ha.

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      2. You’ll have a safe, peaceful flight. Don’t let the story bug you. In fact, I feel so sorry it made you feel that way.

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      3. Oh no worries at all. I’m fearless and love a great story!

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      4. That’s exactly what I wanted to hear! 🙂


  2. Canuck Carl says:

    Wow, quite the dream shared in such vivid detail!


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