Have you ever felt Void? How would you describe the perception? While nearly all of us would simply term it as a complete empty space, my dilemma still lies in the fact on why do people link Void as an adverse, unfavorable facet. When I tracked down the meaning of Void on Google the first page result was “not valid or legally binding”, probing a bit more, I noted one of the many synonyms as “useless/ worthless” which is rational if we avail it as an adjective, but how about surveying it from a subjective point of view? What if you ask me how I’m feeling today, and I answer: ‘I feel Void’. Unquestionably, majority of the inquirers would take this response as a perturbed, nasty and cynical way of expressing one’s mood for the day.

While one can’t really express the actual symbolization of Void in words, I personally hail the term and the aura that it bears.  As a matter of fact, quite many of us don’t realize that we are in a Void situation unless someone else points it out to us; in other cases people refuse to admit to it only because they reckon that it might lead to some sort of depression or solitude.   

If you ask me, I guess I’m the finest when I’m in Void. There’s so much tranquility in sitting in a secluded space, not thinking of anything at all, but the only crucial task over here apart from relishing your own company is to settle your mind to not think about anything at all, which for people like me is indeed a laborious deed because heedless to what I’m doing, whether its having a conversation with another person or being engrossed in some work, my mind shall invariably play its monologue in the backdrop.

Yet, time and again when I dodge away from the whole ‘thinking pattern’ and sit with an unoccupied mind, I recognize that there is so much dominance in silence that no chunk of words could ever catch up to. For instance, have you ever plugged in your earphones, played no song on your iPod or mobile phone and witnessed the detached effect it creates? Have you stood under a cold shower with your eyes shut? Did you ever lie back to gaze at a sky full of puffy chaotic clouds or dazzling stars? Have you ever blanked-out while in the middle of a conversation or freezed while staring at a person or an extrinsic site for a matter of few seconds? How about eyeing a running ceiling fan and sensing a scrupulous clock ticking its way? Or how about obliterating what you were composing only because you didn’t wish to match up to your well-set pace and publish it! Don’t tell me that you never felt the sense of Void when an impulsive gush of wind flushed through your face? When you thought that your phone disappeared out of nowhere when it was right beside you all the while? The few seconds before someone receives your call? A drive where you forget the directions to your favorite route, a hug that didn’t channel the familiar warmth, a picture when you were small and surrounded with classmates who you don’t even know exist in the cosmos,  or maybe just a yelling from your mom that you deliberately strayed. There are plenty of circumstances when you feel Void without even realizing it. (That’s the whole charm to it!) Wondering why I wrote the post? Well, because I just snapped back to reality from my Void reverie and concluded that it is my kind of comfort and amenity. Sometimes (only sometimes!) we need to penetrate into a Void scenario to realize certain things which we otherwise wont even bother to knock on.

Sometimes, we just need to delve into our own selves, sometimes the answer lies within us, sometimes the answer is Void!

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  1. wonderful and real thoughts…. I think everyone of us feel void….. many times in life….. but most of us never analyse the same so deeply…..

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    1. I’m so glad that you could relate to it! Thanks for your appreciation. 🙂

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