World of technology or World of feeble-minded clones?

In today’s date of the year 2016, we cannot deny the fact that we (as in the masses) have totally centered our lives in a sphere full of technology. Directly or indirectly, if on one side technology helps make our life easier on the other side, it also makes it static and stagnant.

Without denying the fact that technology – internet and gadgets to be specific – have in the literal terms helped us in a number of ways; over and above to possess a gadget with you is something valuable but, to be entirely dependent on it for even the smallest of things without finding a solution on your own is like being a robot and feeding in your system whatever your master shoves on you. Ironic isn’t it? Robots were and are still operated by man, however it is the other way round now – in this modern aeon it is the machine that dictates the actions of a man. To think about it, is this whole phenomenon really worth it after all?

On one side we like to acknowledge ourselves as being mightily independent, then why on the other side we close-shut our eyes in upholding the fact on how dependent we are turning towards a midget gizmo and its wizardry?

To criticize doesn’t always mean to disagree, I am not saying that technology is the worst thing to have happened to humankind – as a matter of fact, indubitably it is among the best innovations till date, but the point where I completely display my dissent is when we base our full trust on what Google or any other similar search engine projects in front of us. Why are we so convinced that Google won’t be wrong in answering to our everyday queries? Do we even trust our fellow-humans the way we trust the internet? Why not? Because they might ditch us somewhere? And why do you think the internet won’t?

For all those depending entirely and blindfoldedly on the web network, let me reveal rather disappoint you that not everything you procure on the web is true and worth depending on. Don’t believe me? Delve briefly at the following links:

My idea to share these links is to not make you conclude that I’m an anti-internet sort of a person. My only concern for all the internet users especially the younger lot is to make them aware that there’s a world across the gadget that they hold, there’s a reason why books are made – there’s a real world out there which will give you way more knowledge in practical terms than what the digital world will. No matter how advanced the internet may get but it will never replace books and manuscripts. It’s easy to copy-paste a certain topic from the internet and place your name at the bottom showcasing it’s your original work. But what we completely ignore is the fact that if internet can give us information about a certain topic, it can also trace and shove it under plagiarism.

The only way to understand a certain subject is to refer, read and create. There’s a reason why it’s called an assignment because it is ‘assigned to you’. If you complete your task simply for the purpose of finishing it off then you’re most welcome to follow the trend of copy-pasting. But always remember you need brains to copy-paste (a thing not many understand and only a few ace!).To grow, get appreciated and master in a field you must explore and research. Challenging your own self to do something unbelievable is an exploration that not only you but others will also applaud.

For instance, suppose your teacher has assigned your whole batch a common assignment to work on and the deadline declared is the next day. Now, in one day’s time you obviously want to save yourself from an hour or two’s trial of going to the library to do some scrutiny when you know that you have an option to sit peacefully at home and do the same in a maximum span of 15 minutes by copying everything from the first search result that pops up on the screen – to top it all you don’t even cross-check to rectify any grammatical mistakes.

Nevertheless, what you don’t realize is that majority of your friends did just the same and all of you carbon-copied the same thing without even glancing at other tabs. And as we say exceptions are always there, so here enters your studious geeky schoolmate who completed his assignment on his own, maybe going the extra mile by doing research by actually visiting the library. Now, majority – including you score low grades with a bonus scolding and a re-writing nuisance errand. But wait, what does Mr. Geeky get? The highest score with applaudable acknowledgement? Wasn’t that obvious? The story doesn’t end here, Mr Geeky also scores in gathering peculiar looks and comments from his batchmates. Wherefore, instead of commenting do they not realize that they could have followed the similar pattern to share the same kind of appreciation? It takes courage to stand out in a crowd of look-alikes. Bear in mind, this situation implies at every stage in life – only the role changes.

I myself am a digital-savvy person – always clinged to my phone or laptop. It won’t be wrong to categorize me under the internet-lover category, but where I always limit myself is when I read an article or any piece of information I ‘assume’ that whatever is being read is true, I don’t ‘believe’ in it (in particular reference to random articles dealing with abstract topics). While on the other hand, when it comes to news, the best way to update yourself is through the internet as it keeps revising every minute because of which one has the privilege to gain fresh information with live feeds regarding a particular topic right-away, hours before the newspaper actually publishes it. Internet thus, has its own pros and cons – the pros do outweigh the cons but we can’t revoke the fact that the cons are vulnerable and thus cannot be avoided!

(1000 words)


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  1. Josh says:

    Thought provoking. TBH I am not against the net addicts, but I try to distance myself. The social platforms am active is WordPress and I don’t use net packs!

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    1. Same here, it’s a fool’s paradise – the best one can do is maintain a decent distance to look around and praise the real world !

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Simon says:

    You raise a good point, blind trust isn’t good and never has been.

    Liked by 1 person

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