First Post

As they say, ‘First of anything and everything is always special’, so instead of brainstorming on what to cover on my first blog post, I shall be dedicating this to all those who inspired, encouraged and persuaded me to start a blog and give my savage thoughts a platform to find respite on. Among the few set of thank you’s that I genuinely want to convey,  goes first to my Ohana (family) – my beautiful mom, my daddy-strongest and my intimidating yet motivational elder brother – thank you for being my guiding light and biggest support. Next in line, I would acknowledge my very few, but awfully close friends who were always there to attune the situation by giving me honest opinions about my work, thus keeping me grounded. And without striking any chord of hesitation, my final thank you to my own-self ( I finally managed to build a blog, Phew!)

Acquainting you to me – myself Roopa Khurana, I am a Post-graduate student, having completed my program of study in book publishing. Since high school, I had a keen interest in writing and penning down my thoughts on a piece of paper either in the form of verse or by doodling. Having concluded Bachelor’s, I earned myself a degree in English Honours (specializing in the field of literature) along with  a one year additional course in Mass Communication and Journalism. Apart from that, I also procured a Diploma degree in Creative Writing. To notch a bit further, I did a professional course in E-publishing and Digital Marketing from the German Media Academy (Goethe-Institut). For all those wondering why all this information is not included in the ‘About/Scintillating Memoirs’ section of the blog, well, I agree that the readers should know who the blogger actually is, but ask me, in my opinion I feel that the blog should get the preeminent limelight, I’m sure my academic background wouldn’t entertain you as much as the blog’s content will!

So for all those who will be glimpsing, reading and hopefully following this blog – I hope I will be able to snitch a few minutes of your precious time and consume it to the fullest by standing up to your expectations, and providing you with relevant, worth-reading content, provided you keep giving me opinions whenever, wherever and on whatever I’ll do. Your opinions – both positive and negative will be welcomed wholeheartedly in the comment section. On my part, I’ll try my level best to keep this blog updated and stay in touch to solve any query/issue that you might have regarding my posts or content.

On that note, let the blogging begin. . .


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  1. Josh says:

    Great to know about your Academic background. So we can expect productive stuffs. Wishing you goodluck and welcome to the world of words! 🙂

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    1. I’ll try my level best to keep my creative side intact. Thanks for the warm welcome and acknowledging the posts! Really appreciate it. 🙂

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  2. Amazing. You have learnt Journalism. I love to study Journalism. In the future I will surely pursue it. For that my pre requisite is following your posts.. Glad to follow you, eager to learn from you..

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    1. Thank you so much for acknowledging the fact! I’m sure you’ll love the course – do pursue Journalism if you’re interested in the field, it’s totally worth it and thank you for your lovely praises! 🙂

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      1. Ya…Will pursue it after my bachelor’s miss..😃

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  3. The first blog is indeed the hardest part. The second difficult stepping stone comes in tearing yourself away from the screen and giving yourself a break. Once the pen starts flowing, you find the spring is infinite 😉

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    1. Absolutely agree to that – on the other hand, I’m loving the experience! 🙂

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      1. looking forward to reading more of your blogs! =)

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      2. So glad to hear that! 🙂

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  4. Nancy J says:

    Wonderful tribute, beautifully written. I feel I will learn from you as I am a first-time author penning my memoir. I never had the opportunity to go to school due to a series of unfortunate events. However, I study creative writing and read a variety of books. I look forward to your posts. Nice to meet you Roopa Khurana! 🙂

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    1. Its so kind of you to say that Nancy, but I feel you have far more knowledge than anyone you place your gaze at! I guess attending school or college doesn’t make you as wise as the varied books that you read. I appreciate your conviction and interest towards the creative field. Also, you are a superb author, was just reading-through your post “Brighten your corner of the world” – I really liked how you conveyed your optimistic message by using such compact words! Great job, keep posting. Much love and luck to you! 🙂


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